„Regensburg is beautifully situated...“

Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe enthuses about his visit
to our romantic city on the banks of the Danube.

The atmosphere, conveyed by the harmonious interaction of narrow alleyways, romantic street cafés and lively squares, explains why Regensburg is also called the most northern city of Italy.
Landmarks such as St. Peter's Cathedral, the "Steinerne Brücke" (stone bridge) or St. Emmeram's Castle are just a few examples of the fascinating sight-seeing opportunities in this city.

Against its famous historical background, Regensburg presents itself as a modern city with a diverse selection of cultural and culinary high points.

You can find information on the numerous functions and events worth seeing in Regensburg on the homepage www.regensburg.de

„Hello and welcome to our hotel!“

Our hotel, right in the centre and directly opposite the mighty twin towers of the Regensburg Cathedral, facilitates easy access to the history and unusual medieval architecture with all its sights.

The hotel will not be reachable through Pfluggasse until October 2016!!

You can reach our hotel from now on via Drei-Kronen-Gasse. From the D.-Martin-Luther-Str. coming, turn left into the Drei-Kronen-Gasse, then take the first right into Speichergasse and follow the road toward the Domplatz.